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Despite your teeth being strong, dental injuries can happen to anyone. Sometimes the injury can be as minor as a chipped tooth or as severe as a knocked-out tooth. The severity of your injury can warrant the need for an emergency endodontist if there are serious issues. Below you will find the most common causes of dental injuries. Let’s look at some common causes of dental injuries.

Common Causes of Dental Injuries

Some of the common causes of dental injuries include sports or other physical activities, car accidents, physical fights, eating or chewing something that is too hard, and some injuries may even occur by accident if you fall or trip on something. If you are injured, it’s important to assess the situation to determine what treatment you need.

In severe cases that are life-threatening, go directly to the emergency room for immediate care. If the issue is not life-threatening, contact an endodontist in Los Angeles for advice. You may need emergency dentistry services right away, or you may be able to wait until you can get an appointment during regular business hours.

Common Dental Injuries

Dental injuries vary in severity so it’s important to get treated by a skilled endodontist to ensure it doesn’t impact your long-term oral health. The following are common dental injuries.

Chipped or Broken Tooth:

Some chips and breaks are minor and small, while others can be more severe. A minor chip can be easily fixed with a filling or crown. However, a more severe break may require a root canal if there is more extensive damage.

Knocked- Out Tooth:

This type of injury commonly occurs due to serious force, such as a punch, car accident, or serious sports injury. If you can find the portion of your tooth that was knocked out, it’s helpful to preserve it until you get to the dentist. A knocked-out tooth requires immediate dental treatment so contact an endodontist right away.

Dislodged Tooth:

A dislodged tooth occurs when your tooth has shifted, but is still intact. Just like a knocked-out tooth, you’ll need immediate medical attention if your tooth is dislodged. This is necessary to preserve your natural tooth.

Severe Toothache:

Toothaches are often a sign of a deeper issue. They can vary in severity, include sharp or dull pain, or be intermittent or constant. No matter what type of pain you experience, contact a dentist so they can determine what the root cause of the issue is.

Broken Orthodontics:

Damage to your braces can severely impact your teeth and gums. If your wires, brackets, or other orthodontic treatments become dislodged or loose, contact your orthodontist right away. The risk of damage to your gums is serious. In addition, damage to your orthodontics can impact your treatment timeline so it’s important to get checked out right away.

Lost Filling or Crown:

Fillings and crowns can fall out in certain circumstances. The immediate concern is ensuring that you locate the filling or crown so you don’t choke on it. While a lost filling or crown is not a super serious problem, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with your dentist to get it replaced.

Tooth Abscess:

Severe tooth decay can result in an infection. An abscessed tooth can cause serious issues when it comes to both your oral and overall health. Contact a dentist right away for treatment. They can treat the issue and try to save your natural tooth.

Emergency Dentist in Los Angeles

If you have a dental injury that requires immediate treatment, contact the team at Maz Endodontics. They are skilled in treating a variety of dental treatments and issues, including a dental emergency in Los Angeles. Contact their office today for an appointment, and save their number in the case of a future dental emergency!