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Tooth Extraction

At Maz Endodontics, our top priority is always our patients. This means our Beverly Hills emergency dentist will always prefer to save your tooth. The very last thing our dental office wants is to extract a problem tooth. Unfortunately, there will be times when a tooth extraction will be necessary.

When Tooth Extractions Are Necessary?

As an office that provides emergency dental services, we’re often asked if a tooth is saveable. Many times yes, your teeth can be saved from extraction. There will be certain cases, though, were extracting your tooth will be unavoidable. Common reasons you’ll need an extraction are:

Accidents & Trauma

Unforeseen accidents or physical trauma can damage your teeth. Many times these events will chip or fracture your tooth beyond repair. In these rare incidences, the dentist will recommend extraction.

Tooth Infections

When a tooth infection penetrates the pulp, it will cause severe pain. If not treated immediately, the infection can spread and weaken your tooth. If your tooth is weak, it will be susceptible to fracture. At this point, the fractured tooth will need extracting.

Many times, patients feel they don’t need dental care after their pain went away. What they don’t realize is that the infection has killed off their pain-sensing nerves.

Economic Costs

For some patients, the cost to restore a tooth can be too high. Removing an infection from a tooth requires the root canal and dental restoration. This dental work can be cost-prohibitive for many. In these cases, it might make more economic sense to remove the problem tooth first. Then address the restoration later when capable.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth are the 3rd and last set of molars to grow in your mouth. For many patients, they will not have enough room in their jaw to accommodate these teeth. When there isn’t enough room, the wisdom teeth can grow in abnormal directions. These irregular growth patterns can cause impaction. When the wisdom teeth impact with neighboring teeth, it will cause severe pain. If the wisdom teeth removal is complicated, our office can refer out to an oral surgeon.

Is The Extraction Painful?

Surprisingly, tooth extractions can be painless. For many, an infected or damaged tooth is the cause of their pain. So removing the source will bring excellent pain relief.

At Maz Endodontics, we go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. For any extraction, we can use local pain anesthetics. Our Beverly Hills dentist can also utilize IV sedation for patients. So now, patients with pain or anxiety fears can receive pain-free dental treatments.

How Long Is The Recovery Process?

After having your tooth extracted, expect to be sore with swelling. For the majority, these symptoms will subside on their own after several days. The dentist will provide icing instructions if there’s swelling. Also, pain medication can be prescribed for any pain and discomfort felt during the recovery. Patients are instructed to eat soft type foods like jello initially after extraction. Once a couple of days have passed, solid foods can be eaten.

What Are My Options To Replace The Missing Teeth?

Once your teeth are extracted, you may wonder what happens next. For the best oral health, a replacement tooth should be considered. Depending on how which teeth and how many were pulled out, the dentist can recommend a few options. These options include dental implants, bridges, or even dentures. Each of these restorations have their unique advantages. The dentist will be able to recommend what’s best for your individual case.

What Happens If I Wait To Replace My Missing Tooth?

You may also wonder what will happen if you forgo getting a replacement tooth. This isn’t recommended since it will bring about its own unique set of issues long term. One is that your jawbone needs a tooth to provide resistance. This resistance is what keeps your jaw bone density stable. With no opposition, your jawbone will lose density. So if you decide to get an implant years later, you will need a bone graft to jump-start the bone density.

Another long term issue to consider is the stress and alignment of the jaw. Having a missing tooth will have you change your chewing habits. This can lead to compensations in your jaw mechanics. These compensations can lead to many imbalances, such as increased pressure and stress on teeth.

So if you’re in pain, don’t hesitate to call. We are a dependable emergency dental clinic in Beverly Hills. No matter what time of day or night, we can help with your urgent dental care needs. Call Maz Endodontics today to get seen by a top-rated Beverly Hills Dentist now.

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