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Some dental situations are so severe that they can be classified as an emergency. When these are in the midst of occurring, it’s time to seek out the services of an emergency dentist. Below, we cover our 4 tips for finding an emergency dentist.

4 Tips for Finding an Emergency Dentist

Emergency dentists are dentists who specialize in handling urgent dental matters of intense stress. Sometimes, situations like these call for a different set of skills than a routine check-up. If you’re worried about the possibility of experiencing a dental emergency and being left out in the cold, take a look at this overview of how and where to find an emergency dentist or emergency endodontist.

1. Ask Around

Sometimes, reaching into the community is the easiest way to find a quality emergency dentist. Direct referrals from individuals that you know and trust can oftentimes lead to more positive results than just blindly looking around. If you know that a dentist has served your friends and family well, then there’s a strong chance that they’ll serve you well, too.

That being said, this avenue will entail knowing someone you trust who has also had a dental emergency, which may or may not be accessible to you.

2. Call Ahead

Calling the dental office to see if they can meet your needs regarding the dental work you expect to have done can help you in many ways. For one, it has the potential to reduce your wait times and allow you to receive the essential care you’re looking for at a faster rate. In emergency dental situations, every second counts, so any effort you can make to save yourself time will likely pay off in the long run.

3. Take Action

As stated above, in an emergency dental situation every second counts. Given this, you’ll want to be prepared to spring into action whenever your dental emergency strikes. In addition, you can help your dentist by asking what you can do to minimize the damage that’s done to your teeth before you even go in for treatment. This can look like any number of things, from applying gauze to a broken tooth, or using a saltwater rinse to minimize the chance for infection.

4. Look Online

Sometimes, the best way to find an emergency dentist is right at your fingertips. A quick Google search can reveal some of the best options that are available in your region. This can also give you an opportunity to read some of the reviews that the dentists have received in order to determine whether or not they’re worth keeping on a Rolodex in case of an emergency. In addition, this practice can help you find out which dentists offer emergency services.

Tips for Your Emergency Dentist Visit

Knowing if your dental emergency is the result of trauma and accidents or neglect and decay will help your dentist plan how to treat you.

Decay is a common source of emergency dental situations. The teeth’s enamel and other protective layers start to recede when dental decay reaches a particular stage, exposing the teeth’s delicate inner layers and producing pain and discomfort.

In extreme cases, the tooth may decay to the point that it begins to rot and exposes the sensitive nerves underneath. This can lead to a number of issues, including intense pain. Sometimes, these situations become emergencies that call for a prompt extraction.

Traumatic injuries sustained in accidents and sports are the other major sources of emergency dental situations. These types of injuries can result in one or more teeth being violently dislodged from the mouth. In some situations, it’s possible to reinstall lost teeth by holding onto the lost teeth and bringing them to the dentist.

General Things to Look for in a Dentist

Given the sensitive nature of emergency dental scenarios, it’s important to vet your prospective dentists by looking into their backgrounds. Some of the general characteristics to look out for in a dentist include:

  • Find one with a solid reputation
  • Find one that practices within your budget
  • Locate a dentist who has the necessary equipment and tools
  • Find one that practices emergency dentistry

These characteristics can help ensure that you’re selecting a dentist with a high amount of confidence.

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