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Tooth extractions are a common dental procedure. It involves removing your entire tooth, including the root. Extraction may be necessary when the tooth is damaged, decayed, or poses a risk to your oral or overall health. Millions of people get extractions annually. An extraction can reduce unwanted symptoms, reduce your risk of infection, or create more space if your teeth are overcrowded. Caring for your mouth after an extraction is key. Below, you will find what foods to avoid following tooth extraction.

Foods to Avoid Following Tooth Extraction

There are several foods to avoid after you get your tooth extracted.

Hard Produce:

Certain fruits and vegetables should be avoided after an extraction. This includes things like apples, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. Consuming these foods can cause serious pain after an extraction. This is because the pressure can irritate sensitive or swollen gums. In addition, smaller chunks can get lodged in your extraction site and impact the healing process. Healing requires a healthy diet that includes healthy foods, such as produce. Opt for softer produce to avoid the risks associated with eating hard foods.

Drinks Through a Straw:

Liquids and soft foods are great for healing after an extraction. Things including smoothies, yogurt, mashed potatoes, applesauce, and hydrating liquids are great after your tooth is removed. These are highly beneficial for the healing process. However, avoid using straws to consume anything after a tooth extraction. The suction used when drinking from a straw can impact the healing process. It has the high potential to dislodge blood clots and cause bleeding. Avoid using straws until after your extraction site fully heals.

Hard Foods:

Foods that are hard can be difficult to chew and agitate the extraction site. Things like nuts, hard candy, and popcorn are not advisable after your tooth is removed. The foods can get easily dislodged while chewing and impact the extraction site. This can increase your risk of infection and cause issues with your gums and jaw. Wait until you are fully healed to indulge in hard foods.

Spicy Foods:

While spicy foods are tasty and often good for your metabolism, avoid them post-extraction. A number of spicy foods can cause a burning sensation in your mouth. Under normal circumstances, this is fine, as you may only experience sweating. However, these foods can cause issues after an extraction. Spicy food can cause additional discomfort and irritation. This can exacerbate any current unwanted symptoms, such as pain and discomfort. Choose milder food as you heal to avoid any issues.


While you may want a glass of wine after you get a tooth removed, avoid it until you are fully healed. Alcohol can impact the healing process. It can interfere with blood clot formation and increase the risk of bleeding. Alcohol can also slow down the healing process, which can increase your risk of infection and other complications. Avoid alcohol until your dentist gives you the go-ahead.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

A tooth extraction is a common procedure that is smooth and seamless. The procedure is pain-free, so you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Local anesthetics are used to ensure optimal comfort. For those who are worried about the procedure, IV sedation is available and can be arranged in advance. One of the major benefits of tooth extraction is that it can actually reduce the amount of pain you experience. Most often, the pain is caused by your problematic tooth.

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