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Root canals are a much-dreaded but highly effective treatment that has the potential to rid a patient of problematic teeth. These procedures typically deliver on their promise to rid a patient of pain and discomfort. Below, we look at the costs and payment options for root canal treatment.

However, many folks who might need a root canal remain ignorant of what kind of money they might need to set aside in order to pay for one. Like many dental operations, they can prove to be quite expensive.

Costs and Payment Options for Root Canal Treatment

If you’re thinking that you might need a root canal and are worried about how to pay for it, then take a look at this review of possible ways to finance your procedure.

Root Canal Basics

A dentist will seal off an infected or damaged tooth’s root during a root canal procedure to stop further bacteria from corroding the tooth. The infected tooth’s root will be extracted by your dentist and replaced with an implant.

The majority of patients who undergo root canal therapy report feeling little to no discomfort throughout the operation, which is frequently finished in a single visit. Most people find it preferable that the patient keeps their original tooth, which is one of the main benefits of this procedure.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The cost of a root canal is highly, highly variable. Much of the cost is dependent on the patient’s insurance situation, as well as some of the details of the procedure. Here are some of the ways to break this down financially:

  • Front tooth only root canal: $600-900
  • Molars: $1000-1400
  • Crown: $100-500
  • Retreatment of Previous Root Canal: 20% of base cost
  • Filling a Cavity: $50-250
  • Total Cost Root Canal and Crown: $1600-2400

In total, paying for a root canal of the front teeth can cost around $6-900. A root canal for a molar is typically between $1-1400. There are several factors that can impact this, including the tooth’s location, complexity, and the general expertise of the endodontist. Combining the procedure with a crown can put you in for $1600-2400.

Overall, dental insurance can mitigate these costs significantly. Good coverage has the potential to bear 50-80% of the root canal cost post-deductible. However, limitations and variances in policies do apply to these figures.

Loans For Root Canal Treatment

If you are working without insurance, there are other options for financing your treatment. One of these includes taking out a personal loan.

There are some lenders that offer personal loans specifically intended to finance dental work. Since the purpose of the loan is more defined, such loans can offer lower interest rates and term lengths.

In general, dental loans are considered unsecured loans. This means that there is no collateral backup for the loan. This also means that interest rates are slightly higher than secured loans since lenders are taking a greater risk of loaning you the money. Nonetheless, dental loans are likely to be more economical than any personal loans you might take out.

In order to be approved for these loans, you must pass the lender’s appraisal of your credit score. Low credit scores can also result in a patient being approved but with very high interest rates.

Other Options

You can also see if your dentist or endodontist offers in-house payment options that can cover your treatment. This allows you to make monthly payments until your root canal is fully paid off.

Signing up for various payment options for a root canal treatment will also involve being approved for one of the plans. Plans vary significantly in terms of length and down payments. The interest rates are quite variable as well.

Lastly, you can depend on traditional financing for your Root Canal. One example of this is CareCredit’s healthcare credit card. This allows you to cover most of your dental expenses under a credit card explicitly intended for that purpose. The benefit of using this type of credit card is that you can hold onto it and use it for future operations as well.

However, much like personal loans, your credit score must be approved in order to receive a card. This rules out most patients with poor credit scores.

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