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Going to the dentist can be anxiety-provoking for many people. It’s not just children who have a fear of the dentist as more than 35% of people fear the dentist. On top of that, more than 10% of people have an extreme dental fear. Below are the top 4 reasons people are scared of the dentist.

4 Reasons People Are Scared of the Dentist

Dental fear and anxiety are completely understandable. However, it should not hold you back from going to the dentist due to the importance of your oral health.

Dental History:

Some people avoid going to the dentist because of their dental history. Some people have had bad experiences at the dentist and do not want to relive it. However, others may be worried that their oral health isn’t in the best shape. This may cause fear of embarrassment or shame. However, nothing should stop you from going to your regular dental visits. Dentists are not judgmental people and completely understand that it’s important to meet you where you are at on your dental health journey.

Fear of Pain:

Avoid listening to people who have negative stories about the dentist from 50 years ago. Modern dentistry has made major advancements, especially in the last decade. There are a number of methods to address pain and discomfort. Many dentists even offer sedation dentistry in Los Angeles so you can relax during your dental appointment. Avoid skipping your dental appointments due to fear, pain, discomfort, or anxiety. Work with a skilled endodontist in Beverly Hills so they can help address any issues you have around dental appointments.

Sensory Overload:

The dentist does have a lot of different sounds, smells, and feelings that may stir up some feelings. Talk with your dentist in advance and let them know how you feel. They can make adjustments to accommodate your sensory overload. Many dentists will offer entertainment options so you can put in your headphones and focus on something else. If you have an extreme fear of the dentist, sedation dentistry is an important option to consider.

Breathing Issues:

Many patients fear a loss of control and issues with their breathing. Dental anxiety can be difficult to manage if you have a longer appointment or procedure. Ask your dentist to lift up the dental chair and consider sedation dentistry to ensure you are fully comfortable during the appointment. It is important to have a smooth experience at the dentist so you continue to come back. Work with a skilled endodontist to ensure all of your needs are met during your appointments.

Preparing For Your Dental Visit

If you have mild fears about the dentist, you can often work through them without the need for serious intervention. One of the best ways to work through this fear is to let your dentist know in advance. This can help them determine options for you during the appointment, including sedation dentistry. In addition, you can feel some relief that you are not alone. Get yourself acquainted with the office by stopping by in advance or checking out some photos online. Bring a friend or family member for moral support until you feel comfortable on your own.

For those who have more severe fears about the dentist, you may want to seek professional help. Because of the impact your oral health has on your overall health, it is crucial to regularly visit the dentist. If you have missed or canceled two or more dental appointments, you likely need more serious intervention. Talk with your dentist about their recommendations so you can keep your oral health on the right track.