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Accidents can happen, and a cracked tooth can often be a consequence. What should you do when you crack a tooth? While some cracked teeth are caused by a physical trauma, others can develop more slowly. Cracked teeth are the number one cause of tooth loss in industrialized nations and are very common. Below you will find more information on the various causes of a cracked tooth and what you should do if your tooth cracks.

Common Causes of Cracked Teeth

While your teeth are very strong, they can become vulnerable if they are weakened. Teeth can become weak for a variety of reasons, including poor oral hygiene. Below are some of the common causes of cracked teeth and what you can do about them.


As you age, your teeth will inevitably be impacted. Cracked teeth often impact those who are 50 and older. While you cannot slow down the aging process, keeping up with your oral care routine and regularly visiting the dentist is helpful in slowing down the speed of tooth deterioration.


One of the common causes of cracked teeth is trauma. This may be a car accident, sports accident, or even a slip and fall. If you have cracked your tooth badly from a trauma, you will likely require emergency treatment. It’s important to get treatment as soon as possible so contact an emergency dentist in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

Teeth Grinding:

For those who grind their teeth at night, it can cause a variety of issues with a cracked tooth being one of them. Talk with your dentist as soon as you can about a night guard for your mouth. This can help reduce your risk of a cracked tooth and help ensure you aren’t wearing down your teeth at night.

Chewing Certain Foods:

If you bite down or chew on foods that are hard, it can impact your teeth and result in damage. Things like ice, nuts, hard candy, and other foods that are difficult to break down can cause your tooth to crack. Focus on removing these kinds of food from your diet, or opt to slowly savor versus chew or bite down on hard foods.

Temperature Changes:

If there is a quick temperature change in your mouth, it can cause your tooth to become cracked. Extreme temperature changes can impact your teeth. Use caution when eating and drinking foods or beverages that are drastically different in temperature.

What Should I Do When I Crack a Tooth?

One of the biggest factors to consider when you have a dental injury such as a cracked tooth is whether or not you need immediate treatment. A cracked tooth can be something that happens in an instant or develops over time. In certain cases, you may need immediate treatment from an emergency dentist. If you have a cracked tooth, be on the safe side and contact an emergency dentist and follow their guidance for treatment. While most dental offices are only open during business hours, emergency dentists provide around the clock care for issues that are immediate. Depending on the severity of your specific issue, your treatment options will differ. The best course of action is to get to the dentist and discuss your treatment options.

Endodontist in Los Angeles

If you are concerned that your tooth is cracked and needs immediate attention, contact Dr. Maz Ebrahimi at Maz Endodontics. Dr. Maz Ebrahimi and his team are focused on putting the patient first and ensuring you leave with your dental issues taken care of. He and his provide a wide variety of dentistry services, including emergency dentistry treatment. Contact an emergency endodontist in Los Angeles today if you have a cracked tooth and need treatment!