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Your dental health is directly related to your overall health, which is why it’s so important to stay on top of it. If you have any issues with your dental health, it is vital to get treatment as early as possible. This is why dentists recommend checkup appointments every six months as dental health can change quickly depending on your oral care routine, current dental health, and even factors such as your diet. Sometimes you may encounter dental issues that require a root canal. So why not try to experience a painless root canal?

Experience a Painless Root Canal

Many people avoid this procedure and often end up with larger health issues because of it. Due to technological advancements, it is possible to experience a painless root canal. Below you will find more information on painless root canals and the importance of staying on top of your oral health.

Root Canal Procedures

The reason so many people avoid a root canal is due to fear of the pain it may cause. While some people do feel some discomfort, it varies depending on the complexity of the infection and your pain tolerance. However, the majority of patients do not experience pain during a root canal. In fact, it doesn’t compare to the pain caused by a decaying tooth. In fact, a root canal is not only meant to save your natural tooth and improve your oral health, but also to relieve the tooth pain. This is why getting treatment as early as possible is the best-case scenario for your dental health.

Modern Root Canal Procedures

Traditional root canals can be an inconvenience due to the time it takes to complete them. Traditional methods often require multiple appointments and can last hours. However, Gentlewave is a modernized root canal procedure that can be completed in less than ten minutes. The procedure is minimally invasive as compared to traditional methods.

A traditional root canal involves:

  • Ccreating a hole in your tooth
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the tooth out
  • And closing it back up

However, Gentlewave involves the use of a combination of broad-spectrum acoustic energy. It does this instead of using multiple disinfecting procedures with fluid. Traditional methods can often miss areas in your teeth due to the microscopic spaces that are tough to reach. In addition, the broad-spectrum acoustic energy technology can also speed up the process and also preserve the dentin in your teeth. The dentin is the middle layer of your teeth just between your enamel (on the outside) and root (on this inside). Keeping your dentin strong can ensure that your tooth remains strong and can last longer.

Gentlewave Option

Just like traditional methods, the Gentlewave procedure in Los Angeles is sealed up to ensure that your natural tooth remains strong. The benefits of the Gentlewaive procedure are unparalleled when it comes to comparing it with the traditional method. It is a much shorter, less invasive procedure. There is also less discomfort involved since you don’t have to sit in the dental chair for multiple hour-long visits.

Emergency Endodontist in LA

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